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PC or MAC? That is the question.

October 8, 2012 in Latest News by Sprint-Editor  |  No Comments

As MD of Sprint Integration an IT support company in Southend I get asked this question a lot.

Over the years, MACs have been synonymous with design houses, whereas PC’s have been the choice for business users.  Has this really changed and why have MACs sales increased so much in recent years?  Well in my opinion it’s all to do with Apples other successes, the IPod, IPhone and IPad.  These devices have brought Apples sales soaring to the point where they have even overtaken Microsoft, this in-turn has brought attention to the Apple Mac.

More and more Apple enthusiasts are sold on the Apple vision and let’s be honest, the Apple MAC looks very pleasing to the eye.  However, with the PC now running a much more stable operating system in Windows 7 and the very competitive nature of the PC market, you will get a lot more bang for your money.

Most businesses are running a server with some flavour of Microsoft’s operating system and PC’s are easily more compatible, due to the fact they are also more likely to be running MSW7.  We have priced PC’s in the past based on the price you pay for a standard MAC, it is quite amazing how high you can then spec up the PC for the same price.  The one area that MAC enthusiasts may have a point is the chance of virus infection on a PC, this is true as the MS operating system is the most targeted due to its popularity.  This can be avoided however, by a good anti-virus solution, sensible e-mail use and keeping away from certain web-sites.

So to summarise.  I don’t think anything has changed, the MAC is still the computer of choice for designers or home users sold on the Apple brand and the PC is computer of choice for business.

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